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Helsing. I see what you did there. :D lol. I was waiting for Alucard to jump out and shoot him or something.

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69... I see what you did there.....

best laugh i had all day

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I really, really love this game. I played it when it first came out and finished it, a reset button would be wonderful though. I would like to play again from scratch, and i think other people may want to.

This is the first game i ever made the top score on! Still needs a bit of work though if even i can win...

This game is pure awesomeness. But, the blades and the sledgehammer shouldn't wear out so quickly. That is my only complaint. more levels as Hank would be nice but playing as Diemos is just as cool.

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lol I've done that before. Oh there are apps you can put on your phone to write out everything your professor says. Its still a good idea to take manual notes.

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haha. i clicked on this because it reminded me of my betta, fernando.

mmmMMmm..... i tink i likes this... mmm... me likes it alot. mmmhmm.

really, really good. but her um, armor looked a little out of place. almost like it was too round, as if she had tied balls to her chest. also, it would be good for her to have had a piece of leather or armor on her arm where ivan is perched. a hawk [or any bird] simply holding onto your skin hurts like hell.

What is there to say?Made the account so that I could vote and comment and show off how much time i waste here... :) *Ok people let me set one thing straight: If you want to talk to me, or you think i'm cool, that's fine. DO NOT PM ME FOR ANYTHING ELSE!*

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